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Product design can differentiate it from other products, contribute to its commercial success – but also attract imitations.

The Israeli Design Law of 2018 provides comprehensive protection for the design of products - both registered designs and unregistered designs.

The Design Law protects the appearance of a product or part of a product – the appearance includes contour, color, shape, decoration, texture or material. The relevant product may be a physical product (e.g. shoes, faucet, packaging), a graphic mark or the information displayed on a computer display. The design does not include a font or computer program. The product must have a design element which is not purely functional.

Since many designers, especially in the fashion sector, produce a large number of designs each year, and the cost of registering a design for each product is high, the new law provides protection for unregistered designs. An unregistered design (like a registered design) should be new and have a unique character. The protection is granted for a limited period of three years from the date of publication of the design. Please note that unregistered designs must bear appropriate markings.

In order to facilitate the registration of the design, a grace period of one year was defined. The grace period enables those who wish to register a design to publicize the design (for example – to sell the product bearing the design) for up to a year before the date of submission of the application to register the design. During this year, design owners can see whether it is worthwhile to invest in design registration.

The unique nature of a design is one of the conditions of its protection. It is examined by an informed user who is familiar with other designs in the field (for example, a fashion consumer who is aware of some of the existing products on the market). A design is unique when it gives the product a general appearance that makes it possible to distinguish between the design applying for protection and other designs in the field. The unique character is meant to prevent deception.

You can request to cancel a registered design before the Registrar of Patents, and you can request to enforce the registered design and/or cancel it before the court.

The Design Law has increased the tools for enforcing the rights of design owners – including use by customs authorities for enforcement and compensation purposes without proof of damage of up to NIS 100,000. The amount of compensation can be determined according to the following factors – the scope of the violation, actual damage to the design owner, the profit acquired by the violator, the good faith of the violator, the characteristics of the defendant's activity, and the nature of the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant. 

The period of protection of a registered design is 25 years from the date of the application – conditional on payment of renewal fees once every five years.


Our firm specializes in accompanying startups in design issues - designs and intellectual property 

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