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Recommendations - Legal 500

Legal 500 is the leading ranking of law firms in the world. The rating is based on a study that includes an interview with many recommenders.

Testimonials are published (anonymously) on the ranking page of the winning firm.

Here are a few recommendations on Reches Patents:

‘Reches is very knowledgeable of our industry (semiconductors) and understands the inventions easily and profoundly. The drafting process including inventor interviews is completed quickly and with few iterations. The allowance rate is excellent and prosecution usually is also completed quickly and in a satisfactory manner, proving the quality of the drafting.’

‘Oren Reches is very creative in identifying patentable features and exposing the true core of the invention. Drafting is always completed efficiently with few iterations and great results.’

‘Fair prices for very high quality of deliveries. I can consult on any IP matters and have a partner for brainstorms. The prices are fixed, with no hidden charges.’

‘Oren Reches is a brilliant patent attorney and highly knowledgeable engineer. He can understand the essence of complex inventions in various engineering fields, within minutes, and form them into accurate, simple yet broad claims. No need to spend a lot of time on explanations. I saw patents written by many patent attorneys. He is the best patent professional I know.’

‘Reches Patents team is very skilful and has a lot of knowledge in the automotive industry, as well as engineering in general. They are very generous, helpful, patient and quickly understand the work that needs to be done. ’


‘Oren is very skilled with a lot of experience. Easy to work with.’

‘The team’s technical skills and ability to interact with the engineering staff efficiently is a tremendous asset. Since this is a boutique firm, communication is also direct and concise and clear.’


‘Oren Reches knowledge of the relevant technical fields is impressive and highly valuable. Oren’s familiarity with big corporates’ culture and needs make him an essential asset. This combined with Oren’s efficiency and “down to business” approach is much appreciated and is key to accomplishing our goals.’

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