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Thank you very much to our customers who took the time to write very appreciative testimonials.

We're always here for you.

I have worked with Oren on several patents in two different companies. Oren is the best!! Never has written a patent been so easy and fun. Oren comes in, you write your idea on the whiteboard and boom, a week later you have your first draft. Oren has an amazing grasp for the technical issues, he really understands your idea. Given the choice, I would always work with him.

Oren Agam

After working with Oren for over more than 10 years - I can say that Oren is by no doubt one of the best patent attorneys. His technical understanding and vision, his knowledge in various engineering fields, the profoundness of understanding the essence as well as the small details of the inventions - all make the idea's details transfer and the brainstorm of discussing inventions (prior to drafting) very effective. Even more important - his claims are a masterpiece - broad but yet every single word is accurate. This is especially important when dealing with software inventions, where workaround should be eliminated by broad and accurate claims.

Orna Yarkoni

I have been working with Oren for more than twenty years. He has been filing patents for me in different technological domains. He always fully understands the technology, problem and solution and usually contributes to the invention. His patents tend to be accepted quite fast and with minimal problems by the patent offices. He is very knowledgeable in the insides of the patent office processes and on top of everything he is not expensive and very fair in his pricing. Anyone working with him would benefit.

Nery Strasman

Oren is a fast thinking, experienced and straight to the point IP lawyer. He knows to separate the important elements from the noise which I found to be a specifically important capability in the process to secure patents with commercial value.

Ephraim Ulmer

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