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Reches Patents is a law and patent attorney firm since 2006. We accompany clients in Israel and around the world in the preparation of patents and provide all that is required to achieve a commercial advantage and maximize their intellectual property.

We advocate building a legal strategy that suits the client's needs, thanks to a deep understanding of technology, familiarity with the global market, and intellectual property law around the world, with an emphasis on quick and accurate solutions for getting the desired results.

We specialize in high-level patent practice and have been working directly with the US Patent Office. Since the beginning of our career as a company, we have accompanied inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to obtain patents.

In addition, we have a US branch that complements the service of the Israeli office for the best results for the customer.

The firm won the rankings as a leading boutique firm in Israel in Dun's 100 at DBI-Code, and is one of the leading international boutique law firms in the world - Legal-500.

We specialize in high-level patent practice and work directly with the US Patent Office. Since the beginning of our career as a company, we have accompanied inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to obtain patents.


Oren Reches, one of the firm's owners, is a certified patent attorney in the United States and Israel, an Israeli lawyer, holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Technion and a bachelor's degree in law from Tel Aviv University. He completed a mediation course at Tel Aviv University.

He is an inventor, lecturer, and author of the book "Trade Secrets and Restriction of Occupation".

He has served as an internal patent attorney for NeuroBlade, Applied Materials, BigBand Networks, Carnix, Invo and Motorola Semiconductor.

He has extensive experience in protecting intellectual property, legal opinions, preparing patents, working with patent offices and courts. He is a member of the Israel Bar Association, Association of Patent Attorneys in Israel, AIPPI and Les.

The firm's uniqueness is the combination of in-depth technological understanding of the firm's staff, including extensive experience in the fields of deep tech, with American training and many years of litigation work with the US Patent Office.

In addition, we have many years of experience in drafting patents, sitting on patent committees and acting as legal advisors in large companies and start-ups.

The firm's areas of expertise:

Intellectual property - including registration of rights such as patents, designs and trademarks, giving legal opinions, intellectual property strategic bias, intellectual property strategy implementation, intellectual property portfolio evaluation

Patent registration - including the definition of the invention, preparation of a patent application, filing a patent application, litigation with patent offices in Israel and around the world until receipt of the patent

International Patent Registration - including drafting the application, filing an international application, accompanying the international application at the international stage, responding to the international search report, and conversion to regional and national patent applications

Litigation with the Registrar of Patents and Courts - including objections to a competitor's patent application, appearing in courts, filing intellectual property claims, accompanying intellectual property arbitrations and mediations

We work with a wide range of clients who work in various fields of technology and benefit from our experience in drafting patents, obtaining patents, litigation and planning intellectual property strategies.

Among our clients are huge companies from the United States, research institutions from around the world, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, for example: Mobileye, Applied Materials, Cortica, Metronix and more.

We are here to accompany you from the idea conception all along its development.

Reches Patents - When Elegance meets technology.

Our Clients

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