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We are pleased to introduce you to our firm!

Oren - Founder of Reches Patents

Reches Patents is a law and patent attorney firm since 2006. We accompany clients in Israel and around the world in the preparation of patents and provide all that is required to achieve a commercial advantage and maximize their intellectual property.

We advocate building a legal strategy that suits the client's needs, thanks to a deep understanding of technology, familiarity with the global market and intellectual property law around the world, with an emphasis on quick and accurate solutions for getting the desired results.

We specialize in high-level patent practice and have been working directly with the US Patent Office. Since the beginning of our career as a company, we have accompanied inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to obtain the patent.

Our services

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Patent Registration

The purpose of the patent is to protect an invention and give commercial advantage to its owner.

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The world of intellectual property and patents is fascinating and has many diverse topics that you need to know when you want to use it.

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International Patent

An international patent application has been defined in an international treaty of more than 150 countries. 

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Accompanying startup

One of the most significant assets of a startup is its intellectual property portfolio. This portfolio can include various assets such as...

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Trademarks are used to associate a product or service with the owner of the mark – for example, to link a product to its manufacturer.

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Intellectual property

In the world of technology, the portfolio of intellectual property is considered an integral part of any company's assets.


I have worked with Oren on several patents in two different companies. Oren is the best!! Never has written a patent been so easy and fun. Oren comes in, you write your idea on the whiteboard, and boom, a week later you have your first draft. Oren has an amazing grasp of the technical issues, he really understands your idea. Given the choice, I would always work with him.

Oren Agam

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